Run For Your Wife

So JJ is ramping up the film review channel which has been in the works for some time. He, I and Arthur are meeting Saturday to flesh out the hows and whens and whats.

I decided to run off something I've been using to teach myself editing. Here is my review of one of the most wretched movies ever made:

I'd really appreciate any feedback, good or bad. I hadn't touched any kind of editing software in ten years, so it is a little rough around the edges.

Half Navarre

Oculus Non-Review

Some of you may not know (or care), that JJ has been looking to start a YouTube film channel. The project has been on hiatus for a couple of months, due to various commitments, but I've still been toying with it on and off. Despite having a film degree, I know next to nothing about editing. So I've started filming shit like this: